Light turnout for school board elections

By QCS Staff

Two new members, Christine Dougherty and Marion Payton, and incumbent Marty Garcia will take seats on the Tucumcari School Board.
Incumbent Doug Powers lost his District 3 bid to serve another term on the board by four votes to Dougherty, 25 to 21.

Out of 831 registered voters in District 3, only 46 ballots were cast. The same was true in other races.

Quay County Clerk Ellen White said it was typical of past school board elections, especially when there was not a bond issue in question.
Dougherty said, “it makes me wonder how much our community cares about our schools.”

As she assumes her seat on the board, Dougherty said she was concerned about students performing better on tests and the schools having a more aligned curriculum.

Payton, another newcomer to the board, won the election over Michael Rivera, Jr. for the District 2 seat, 43 to 29.
In the District 2 race, incumbent Garcia won by 10 votes, 49 to 39 over Chris Birch.

Candidates were unopposed in House, Logan and San Jon, and bond issues were approved by the voters in each of the smaller village school districts.

In Logan voters approved their bond question 141 to 20.

“Naturally, we’re excited it passed,” said Logan Schools Superintendent Doug Hulce.

Logan plans to retire $400,000 of its bond indebtedness and use the remainder for improvements with the approval of a $2.5 million bond issue, Hulce said.

There are plans to improve athletic facilities with the remaining funds and with the approval of the Logan School Board, Hulce said. A new roof is needed on the gym, a new track is to be built, and improvements are needed to buildings on the football field.

The roof on the gym “is at the point where it’s going to fail,” Hulce said.

In addition, there are plans for improvements to the old high school wing which was built in early 1970s and to the wing of the middle school, which was built in the 1960s, Hulce said.

In House, “It was a good election all around,” said House School Superintendent Donna McGee. “We’re glad to have our board members return. And we’re very pleased to have the bond issue approved.”

The bond issue will bring a little more than $500,000 to the district, McGee said. “The electrical system in the schools is outdated and replacement is sorely needed.”

Technological advances for the classrooms, such as computers, have outpaced the school’s old electrical system, McGee said.
Passage of the bond issue will also allow the House School District to request additional funding for improvements from the state, McGee said.

Here are the results of Tuesday’s school district elections:

Tucumcari District 2 – Tucumcari Recreation Center
John M. Garcia, 49
Chris M. Birch, 39

Tucumcari Districts 3 – THS Auditorium
Christine Dougherty, 25
Douglas N. Powers, 21

Tucumcari District 5 – Quay Schools Federal Credit Union
Marion R. Payton, 43
Michael W. Rivera, Jr., 29

House School District – House Community Center

Position 1

Rachelle D. Moon, 30

Position 2
Hilous Hargrove, 29

Bond Question

Yes, 22

No, 13

San Jon School District – San Jon Emergency Shelter
Position 1
Franklin D. Gibson, 75
Position 2
Tommy Evans, 69
Position 4
Timothy L. Foster, 70

Bond Question

Yes, 69

No, 19

Logan School District – Logan Civic Center and Nara Visa Community Center
Position 4
Bill Cone, 125
Position 5
Thomas S. Humble, 127

Bond Question

Yes, 141

No, 20