Students receive flag flown in Iraq

The Tucumcari High School Student Council recently received an American Flag from the International Police Advisors located at Camp Echo in Diwaniyah, Iraq. The advisors are working in Iraq, training the Iraqi Police Force. They received Christmas care packages from the student council containing letters cards, food, snacks, electronics, Christmas tree decorations and toiletries; and in return sent the students the flag. In the back row, from left, are: Rhonda Castillo, David Castillo, Bethany Bishop, Katie Lamm, Megan McKinney, Chase Waters, Sara Romero, Toree Gries and Chris Arias; and in the front row are: Nikki Ramierez, Natalie Nieto, Brittany Johns, Taylor Atwood, Anna Grady, Sharayah Sisneros, Max Farren, Felica Lopez, Kenetha Perkins and Carri Harman.