Mesalands incumbents keep seats on Board of Trustees

By QCS Staff

All three incumbent candidates running for positions on the Board of Trustees for Mesalands Community College won their elections Tuesday.
The only contested race was in District 1 where incumbent James Streetman was challenged by John Villalba. Streetman, who has served on the board for 15 years, won 34 to 16.

“I’m glad I won,” said Streetman, who was at the Quay County Clerk’s Office to see the results come in.

However, only 50 voters of the 1,069 eligible voters in the Distirct 1 cast their ballots.

And only 75 of the 2,651 eligible voters in the three districts cast their ballots.

“That’s disappointing,” Streetman said. “To me, the school board elections are just as important as any national or state election. These youngsters are our future. They are the future leaders of our nation and state.”

Other winners in the election were Elizabeth Estrada in District 3 and Ted E. Peabody in District 5.

Mesalands Board of Trustees Election Results
District 1
Eligible voters: 1,069
l John G. Villalba 16
l James P. Streetman 34

District 3
Eligible voters: 835
l Elizabeth A. Estrada 14

District 5
Eligible voters: 747
l Ted E. Peabody 11