Taking time to know your local retailers

By Lynn Moncus

Those of us who have called this place home throughout our lives tend to try to shop here as much as possible and to make the best of the changes through which our town has gone.

Once upon a time we had several grocery stores and a few meat markets in which to shop and could do a little serious shopping as we went from place to place. We also had many other stores in which to shop and a number of places in which we could gather to visit with our friends.
Well, as happens, times tend to change, we are now limited in our choices. We have our one grocery store and are often heard complaining about it.

If you haven’t taken time to meet the managers, Greg and Tracy Baldwin, you have missed a chance to make new friends and to have enjoyable conversations while talking about the watermelon-sized potatoes they received in their last shipment or the meat that has traveled from Canada to Mexico and back to the United States.

Those two people are very willing to do all they can to provide us with the food we want and are eager to explain some of the problems they face as they try to satisfy their customers.

When two people have such good senses of humor, we are more willing than ever to commend them for what they are trying to do and can relax enough to let them know how we feel about the products they are selling.

Tracy has even let me know on occasion that I really might check out my cooking abilities before commenting too much about the tough ground meat or about the taste of some of the produce that needs just a little help before putting it on the dinner table.

Greg rather enjoys taking the time to explain a few of the problems they face in order to keep us satisfied, such as cleaning, repairing, and replacing the shopping carts, many of which are stolen and others of which are damaged beyond repair.