Drop in enrollment leads to budget deficit

The Tucumcari Public Schools have been able to make up for a budget deficit of $180,000 with cuts in discretionary spending and other budget categories that do not interfere with classroom instruction, school officials said.

The deficit was caused by a drop in enrollment and a related reduction in the amount the state allots school districts for each student enrolled, said Trude Bauler, business manager, at Monday night’s board meeting.

Overall enrollment went from 1,085 at the beginning of the school year to 1,065 after the 120th day of the school. Officials attributed the drop of 20 students to families who moved away in that time and to foster children who were no longer with foster parents in Tucucmari.

Compared to other school districts in the state which are facing million dollar shortfalls, Tucumcari’s deficit is small in light of its