TB testing confined to Curry, Roosevelt

By Argen Duncan

Previously, the entire state was under the testing requirement, part of the effects of a downgrade in bovine TB-status after an infected cow was discovered in Curry County last year.

Now, the testing requirement is confined to Curry and Roosevelt counties.

“It will still present challenges for us here in these two counties, but it’ll help the rest of the state,” said Roosevelt County Extension agent Patrick Kircher.

State Livestock Board Executive Director Myles Culbertson said the USDA”s “split-status” decision in New Mexico hasn’t been posted on the federal register, so all the details aren’t available yet.

Elida beef producer Greg Smith said the testing requirement is expensive. Because he regularly shows cattle around the country, he must pay to have the cattle he travels with tested every 60 days.

Since the first time the area lost its bovine TB-free status in 2003, Smith said, he’s spent about $30,000 on testing.

In asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture to reconsider the statewide downgrade in TB status, the New Mexico congressional delegation said the