Open door policy fosters friendships

By Lynn Moncus

Through the years, we have visited much about former students, especially thosefrom Forrest and Tucumcari because many of them have remained in touch or havecontinued to live in the area.

Although I see a few students in the county from NMSU, most of those several thousand students have scattered and have rarely contacted me because we just weren’t as close for the most part as were the public school students. After all, we knew each other for a short time only, often for a semester, and just didn’t form real friendships.

Recently, one of the few who has remained in touch over the years appeared here with her husband and took me to dinner to revive our memories of the past. Peg Buchwald and I hadn’t seen each other in about 27 years but had written at least once a year since then. She had taken several classes from me while she was living in Las Cruces with her children and waiting for her husband to return from Vietnam. We became fairly well acquainted during that time because she learned that my office door was always open and that all students were welcome.
Once she finished taking classes from me, we then became friends and spent quite a bit of time together in each other’s homes with several other former students.

We celebrated the return of her husband and watched her children grow as we enjoyed forming our friendship. Although quite an age difference existed between us, she was kind enough to ignore that and seemed rather pleased that we could enjoy each other’s company.

When Peg wrote that she and her husband were returning here from their home in Florida for a visit, I was delighted but a bit tense as I wasn’t really sure just how much we would have in common after all the years of not having seen each other.