San Jon cheerleaders are 1A-best in the state

Chelle Delaney

Cheerleaders from San Jon School have won the class 1A championship in cheerleading.

Coached by Donna Foster, the girls are Desarae Aragon, Tracy Foote, Morgan Foster, Jennifer Osborne and Chelsey Tillman.

For more than a dozen years, the girls have been together. And over the years of practice, “We are like one person we’re cheering,” Jennifer Osborne said.

Morgan Foster is the flyer, the girl at the top and gets a lot of attention for her dramatic leaps into the arms of her fellow cheerleaders.

“They’ve never dropped me. It all comes down to trust,” said Morgan Foster.

The competition was held at the Santa Ana Event Center last Friday and Saturday in Rio Rancho.

Many of the competing teams had 13 members on their squads, but the smaller five-girl team walked away with top billing which pleased the San Jon squad.

At at a school pep rally on Monday, students showed their pride and appreciation with a long round of applause after the team demonstrated several of their winning cheers.

They competed against teams from Springer, Melrose, Grady and other schools in the class A1 competition.

The girls also competed last year at state. “They were really nervous” and did not do well, said coach Donna Foster.

“That took us to a whole new level,” Chelsey Tillman said.

That new level paid off, San Jon’s cheerleaders are now the best ranked A1 cheerleading team.