Arch Hurley wants to collect $53,370 in delinquent assessments

Chelle Delaney

The Arch Hurley Conservancy District is seeking $53,370 in late assessment payments from district members.

The delinquent assessments are for four or more years. And one payment is 17 years in the arrears, said Arch Hurley Manager Franklin McCasland.

The delinquent amount does represent a 1 percent interest fee, as allowed by state statute.

The late payments represent 49 accounts with Arch Hurley and 623 acres that are not active, said Larry Perkins, board president, at the board’s monthly meeting on Tuesday.

To recoup its late payments, the Arch Hurley’s board approved certified letters to be written by a local attorney that state how much is owed, that Arch Hurley will begin the process to put a lien on their property