County to spend $1.3 million on fire equipment

Chelle Delaney

Quay County expects to spend $1.3 million for equipment for six of the county’s nine fire departments, according to Donald Adams, Quay County fire marshal.

Adams reported on the anticipated 2009 Fire Protection Grant Awards at Monday’s Quay County Commission meeting.

The awards totaled $460,000, Adams said. In all, an estimated $1.3 million will be spent on equipment with the state’s requirement that each department match the award funds by 20 percent or more, he said.

The equipment, ranging from personal protection gear to a class A pumper, will assist some departments in achieving a lower ISO, or Insurance Service Organization rating, which can translate into savings on insurance for homeowners, Adams said.

The 2009 fire protection grant awards go to the following departments:
• Conservancy No. 3, personal protection gear, $27,520
• Bard-Endee, a compressor and cascade system, $45,000
• Conservancy No. 2, 37,000-gallon water storage tank with hydrant, $88,000
• Forrest, 3,000-gallon tanker, $100,000
• Porter, class A pumper, $100,000
• Quay, initial attack pumper, $100,000.

In related Quay County fire departments’ matters:
• The commission approved a request for about $600,000 for the Quay County Fire Departments from the state’s Fire Protection Fund. The request is a routine annual request for operating expenses for the departments, Adams said.

• The commission also approved the donation of a 1958 pumper truck to De Baca County.

• A draft notice of mutual aid with adjoining counties will be sent to the State Fire Marshal for approval. The mutual aid agreement, which will have to be signed by counties adjoining Quay County in New Mexico and Texas, is required by state statute.

In other matters to come before the commission:
• The commission denied a request by Fern George, a representative of the Eastern New Mexico Blue Grass & Old Tyme Music Association, to provide extra hookups for RVs at the Quay County fairgrounds. The association expects more than 200 RVs for an upcoming Blue Grass Festival on May 21-24 at the fairgrounds. Franklin McCasland, chair of the commission, said it would cost at least $1,500 for each new hookup to be approved by the state’s Construction Industries Department. The cost is prohibitive to the county, McCasland said.
David Morris, president of the association, said the community of musicians who travel by RVs like to have electrical hookups. The association hopes to make the festival an annual event and hopes they could look to the county for assistance in 2010, he said.

• Misty Vick, coordinator of a Community Development Block Grant, reported that payments from CDBG funds for a new roof on Trigg Memorial Hospital have been approved. Work on the new roof is progressing and is expected to be completed early next month, Vick said.