Students learn to be savvy media consumers

Thomas Garcia

Students at Tucumcari Middle School were taught how to distinguish between news and a sales pitch.

The presentation about media literacy was made by Denis Doyon of the New Mexico Media Literacy Project on Thursday.

“Media literacy is the ability to critically consume and create media,” said Doyon, NMLP’s director of media productions.

“I was surprised to see and learn how the ads are aimed at teenagers,” said Elaura Chavez, a seventh grader. “This made me think about all of the other ads that I have seen in magazines and on T.V.”

Media literacy education will help teens and adults to assess, analyze, evaluate and deconstruct media, Doyon said.

When deconstructing media the students can determine who paid for the ad, who was the target audience, what tools of persuasion were used and what part of the story was not being told, Doyon said.

“So many tobacco and alcohol ads are targeting our youth,” Doyon said. “Education