They study together, earn degrees together

Chelle Delaney

For the Lucero couple, James and Michelle, Friday night was an early present for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day all wrapped into one.

Each of them walked to receive their degrees at Mesalands Community College’s graduation ceremonies.

In addition to studying for their classes, they are the parents of three children and each works 20 hours a week.

The thirtysomethings, say it wouldn’t be possible without the help of their families who often care for their children Garion, 14, Alexxus, 9, and Tatyana, 6.

“We’re older students and have learned to be focused,” Michelle Lucero said. “It isn’t that hard. But people are real astonished that we can keep it together. And all the kids are invovled with the sports,” too.

James Lucero said they often help each study.

They also make a point of carving out one night a week as there time together. “We go out to eat or do something that’s just for the two of us.”
Sometimes there is a lot of stress, the couple admit.

However, since they are each working toward the same goal, it’s easier to cope and understand one another, they said.

Michelle Lucero graduated MCC in December, and participated last night’s ceremonies. She is now stiudying at ENMU to earn a psychology degree.

And James Lucero was one of the first class of students to earn a one-year wind certificate from the college.