Officials brief Quay County on grants

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

New Mexico Secretary of Taxation and Revenue Rick Homans spoke to about 50 Quay County residents on Wednesday, providing an overview of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in New Mexico.

He also introduced several members of the New Mexico Recovery and Reinvestment Competitive Grant Advisory Team.

“We are specifically telling city, county and local agencies … there are competitive grants that they need to go after to secure money for their community,” Homans said.

Homans said there are some grants that will benefit Quay County and Tucumcari residents that the state will lead the effort in competing for.

“However there is $74 billion in funds that the local governments and agencies must apply for themselves,” Homans said.

The NMRRCGA team members speaking at the meeting included Catherine Cross Maple, New Mexico deputy secretary of education and Joseph Montoya, department director of New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority.

Each of the speakers covered information about the funds available, application deadlines, requirements for competitive grants, loans and bonds.

The areas covered by the speakers were energy, public safety, schools, housing, employment, rural and economic development and bonds.

“This was a good meeting; they had a lot of useful information,” said Quay County Manager Richard Primrose.

Primrose said some of the speakers had mentioned applying for the funds as part of a group or alliance. That idea had been discussed in Monday’s meeting of the Greater Tucumcari Economic Development Corporation.

“It makes perfect sense to work together rather than fight each other for the same money,” Primrose said.