Last day for Longhorns’ Class of 2009

Thomas Garcia

While many seniors decided to take the day off a handful of Logan high school’s class of 2009 stuck out their last day of school.

Finishing a journey that began 13 years ago, the eight seniors each had their own reasons for attending Logan once more.

“I can not afford to miss anymore days,” said Andrew Martinez, “I am ready to end this day, graduate and attend school in Arizona.”

Fellow senior Sterling Molesworth, had also missed to many days during the school year and had to attend school to meet the state requirements.

Tiffiany Girard said she drew inspiration to attend the final day from her mother.

“My mom will not let me leave early,” Girard said. “I am excited about graduating and can not wait to leave.”

While some had no choice, others felt they were completing a journey begun 13-years-ago.

“There won’t be another last day of high school,” said Laken Humble.

Humble said she wanted to spend the day with her friends she has come to know and love over the years.

“We are more like a family,” said Luanne Jebens. “I am going to be leaving Logan the day after graduation. I wanted to make one last memory.”

For the first two class periods the eight seniors worked together on their graduation stage and background with one of their class sponsor Shelley Wallin.

“I have already cried twice thinking about these guys graduating,” Wallin said. “These students have such big hopes and dreams. I want them to know that if they work hard and never give up, those dream can come true for them.”

The mood was sad, Yet the atmosphere was exciting as the students sat at their desks waiting for that last bell, knowing when it sounded, their days as Logan Longhorns was at an end.

“I would regret not being here my last day,” said Diana Osborn. “There will not be another chance to spend this time with my friends.”

“Its been a cross between a enjoyable time and a prison sentence,” said Louise Frazier. “I am here because it is the last day of high school in my life and it feels right to be here.”

The Logan Class of 2009 graduates 4 p.m. Saturday in the Game Gym at Logan High School.