Logan seniors celebrate graduation

By Thomas Gracia: : QCS staff writer

Sixteen young men and women began new chapters in their lives Saturday with graduation from Logan High School.
Seniors hugged, shook hands and visited with family friends and former school mates before the final ceremonies.
The Class of 2009’s class motto: “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened,” by Dr. Suess. It was reinforced in Taylor Smith’s Salutatory address.
“Today is a day of celebration,” Smith said. “So let your tears be of happiness and not sorrow.”
Smith thanked his parents and the parents of his fellow graduates for all of their years of mentoring and understanding along the way.
“You have been with us from the very beginning,” Smith said. “Without your guidance and direction none of this would be possible.”
Valedictorian Tiffany Girard reminded seniors they had all been a part of a graduation before.
“It might not have been here but each of us has been in a gym like this and wore a hat like this when they graduated from Kindergarten,” Girard said.
Girard said that even then she had to say something at that graduation as well.
“I remember that I had to say ‘”O” is for obstacle, in which we will encounter along the way,'” Girard said.
Girard said she realized she did not know what an obstacle was then.
But she said though through the years, the seniors eventually encountered and overcame many obstacles. Girard said it was all possible because of their parents and teachers.
“It was the hard work and patience of our teachers and the understanding and love from our parents that helped us along the way,” Girard said.
As seniors received their diplomas, some checked them just to be sure this was real and not a dream.
“As soon as I got my diploma I looked at it to make sure it was signed,” said Britney Gutierrez . “It really has not hit me yet that I have graduated.”
As the ceremony wound down, seniors stood in a row hugging their parents, friends and family as they were congratulated.
“It is very exciting,” said Megan Frost. “I am ready to move on and attend college at Texas-Tech.”