Finally, some rains to coax out nature’s beauty

By Lynn Moncus

Those of us who are of the land just naturally have to pause to admire the beauty whenever we have an opportunity. Last Sunday provided just that chance while Aggie and I were out for our ride.

We had gone to the plains for a little while because we could see that no rain was falling in the particular spot at which we wanted to walk. As we walked, I kept watching the clouds and could see the showers beginning to move in our direction.

We headed north and went as far as the rest stop on Ragland Hill before I decided we really needed to watch the beauty of the showers traveling across Quay Valley. We surely don’t get to observe that kind of activity very often and felt the need to watch for quite a while. At first, all we could see was Circle S Mesa because the rains were covering the rest of the valley. Between us and that mesa, we could see bright sunshine and dark shadows as the clouds played in passing.

Of course, we sat long enough to see the other mesas and peaks appear as the showers headed east.

A few steaks of lightning caused the cell phone to crackle a bit, but I had to talk to a couple of close friends who know and love the land as much as I. At such times, we just need to share the joy of said showers and the hopes that each drop brings. We could see the cleansing as we sat there and could appreciate it even more as we headed down into the valley.

The cattle seemed as happy as we did because some were just lying around chewing their cuds while others were grazing on the dust free grass. Watching such peace as we cruised back to town was most pleasant. At first, we couldn’t see Tucumcari Mountain and Bulldog Mesa, but they appeared out of the shower just as we got even with them and were spotlighted by the sun, letting us see their beauty in a most special way.

We often talk about the beauty of our land, no matter what conditions we are having, but the special beauty during and after a little rain really gets our attention. The colors in nature glow, and in the valley, the mesas surely show off their mood by turning from those dark, foreboding colors to bright, happy colors as if letting us know they are celebrating their happiness as only they can.

We really need to pause some each day to appreciate the beauty around us. So often, we can rid ourselves of dark moods if we will give ourselves a fighting chance. After those brief pauses, we then need to find time to get away from as much of civilization as possible in order to be able to appreciate the real beauty around us. Such times are well spent because they give us a chance to relax, to rest our minds from the attacks of confusion with which we are surrounded daily, and to know that we really are a part of this land we so love.