Blast of wind sends dumpsters flying at Barnes and Fourth

Chelle Delaney

A blast of wind that several residents described as a small twister caused three Dumpsters to be lifted up in the air on Barnes Avenue between south Third and Fourth streets about 7:15 p.m. Monday.

Witnesses said the dumpsters were up in the air twisting higher than the trees and telephone poles.

“I saw them up in the air,” said D.J. Hendren who was walking with his son, Dylan, 7, on Barnes Avenue near south Third Street.

Hendren said he picked up his son and dived under a pickup truck.

“I heard it,” said Steven Roybal, who also dived under the pickup.

“It sounded like a train,” said Ed Perea who lives several blocks away.

“It was a huge dust storm. See what it did my dumpster,” said Carmen Aragon who lives on the northwest corner of Barnes and Third. The dumpster which normally sits in the alley behind her home was out on the pavement of Barnes Street.

Esther Henderson, who lives on the southwest corner of Barnes and Third, said, she was on a stepladder trying to close her window.

When she saw the commotion outside her home, “You don’t want to know what I saying,” Henderson said.

Two dumpsters, that serve the Tucumcari Middle School and formerly sat near the curb on south Fourth Street, blew through a chain link fence, uprooted its metal posts, and came to rest more about 75 feet from their usual positions.

There were no apparent injuries from the event.