Rescuers free boy, 3, from seesaw

By QCS Staff

Three-year-old Harley Smith, who got his knee stuck in a seesaw Friday, was rescued with the help of the Jaws of Life.

Two EMS trucks, a firetruck, two police cars and other rescue vehicles responded to Harley’s plight at a Tucumcari playground.

The Jaws of Life spread the two metal rods apart so the boy’s knee could come free, said City Fire Chief Mike Cherry.

After the rescue, Cherry said Harley did just fine, and wanted to continue playing. Harley was at the park playground on Hancock with his mom, Tina Beddingfield, and dad, Roy Smith, when the accident occurred.

Roy Smith recalled that he used to play at the same park as a boy. “That never happened to me,” he said.