Sister seeks help for brother, shooting victim

Chelle Delaney

Tina Molina, the sister of Russell King, 45, who was shot June 1 at the Red-wood Lodge, is seeking funds on King’s behalf for his medical expenses.

King was paralyzed from the shooting, Molina said.

“I am trying to get help to pay for medical expenses for when my brother is released from the hospital and to get help for his living expenses,” Molina said.

Molina said her brother is still in intensive care, but she is looking to the day when he will be released. But he will still need further attention. She said it is not known when he will be released.

“Right now he’s not able to stand up for himself. I’m trying to advocate for him,” Molina said.

Before the shooting, Molina said her brother did odd jobs and worked mainly on repairing bicycles.