Spirit of Rattlers needed for ‘The Rattler’ reunion paper

By Lynn Moncus

As always, Tucumcari High School alumni and teachers were pleased to receive this year’s copy of “The Rattler.” No doubt, most of us quit whatever we were doing and perused the publication from front to back in order to see what had happened last year and to know what plans are in progress for July 30, 31, and Aug. 1 of 2009.

We are well aware of the work that goes into putting that paper together and most definitely appreciate all the efforts put forth by the Newspaper Committee.

Some of us have been privileged to work on that project during the earlier years of the reunion and recall the work involved because we didn’t have a committee or have the technology available today.

Those early papers might not have been very professional, but they, as have all the succeeding ones, served to hold our classmates, teachers, and friends together. Each one has given us a feeling of continuity, much the same feeling we had when we attended THS.
All papers have given those alumns who could not attend each year the chance to see whom they had missed and to be urged to get to the next reunion if at all possible.

When Marian Farmer Knapp and gang began this annual celebration of friendship and education some 39 years ago, they had no idea it would still be the highlight of the summer for so many people who simply wanted a good excuse to come home and to have the opportunity to renew old friendships and create new memories.

They didn’t realize that those of us who attended that first gathering would still be looking forward to the next one each year.