Garage building students learn construction skills

Special to the QCS

While some high school students were taking a break this summer, others were learning how to build a garage.

Mesalands Community College offered a class in garage construction this summer that concluded last week.

Eight Tucumcari High School students and four students from the community, all had the opportunity to learn a new trade this summer.

Samantha Brake a senior at Tucumcari High School, says she decided to take this course to develop her knowledge in construction.

“My family works in construction and I wanted to help them out,” Brake said. “We built our own house, garage, and add-ons.”

Brake said her favorite part of constructing the garage was using the table saw.

Brake was one of eight female students enrolled in the course.

Richard Gerbrandt, Building Trades faculty, said he was impressed by the students’ hard work.

“As a class they performed superbly. They accomplished more than they thought they could. They learned a lot about construction and more about themselves,” Gerbrandt said.

Gerbrandt said the students completed about 75 percent of the garage, but they learned much more during the experience.

“This was a life experience for students to show up on time and work on an ongoing project, especially for the young students,” Gerbrandt said.
Gerbrant’s building trades class will also continue their ongoing project.

“In the fall, we will continue the house project, working on two houses at the same time for different phases of construction,” Gerbrant said.

In addition to the housing project, Gerbrandt will also be offering a class in construction supervision this fall semester.