Single payer system would be cheaper

By Leon Logan

The June 13 editorial headlined “Health plan may be harder to fund than thought,” portrayed a single-payer system as too expensive and the Democrats wanting to fund it on the backs of the rich.

I don’t agree.

A 2000 World Health Organization report ranked the United States No. 1 in per capita health expenditures, but No. 37 in overall health system performance and No. 72 on level of health among 190 countries.

A WHO report released earlier this month, shows the U.S. spends more than twice as much on each person for health care as most other industrialized countries.

The tax code is vastly unfair. It is riddled with loopholes to benefit special interests.

Citizens for Tax Justice examined Fortune 500 companies for the years 2001-2003. It found that 82 companies with profits totaling $102 billion paid no taxes in one or more of those years and reaped $12.6 billion in tax rebates.

The simplest solution for better, more cost-effective health care: Send our insurance payments to the government. It’s cheaper.

Leon Logan