Ordinary afternoon refreshed when friends appear

By Lynn Moncus

Whether we meet total strangers or old friends, we are most fortunate to live in our Quay County because we can share special experiences with each other and can then share memories that have made our lives so pleasant.

Once again while having coffee at Del’s, what could have been an ordinary afternoon turned into a most special one.

When I entered, some of my friends who were working began asking if I knew Parkers. Well, we have had a number of Parker families in our county; thus, I needed a first name in order to be able to answer that question.

The first name that filtered to the table was Josephine. Of course, that meant she was the wife of Mr. Neumon Parker, and they were the parents of Harold.

I dashed to the back dining room at once to see who was asking about such a wellknown family and was introduced to Harold’s daughter, her son and daughter. They were on their way from Tennessee to a church camp above Las Vegas and just wondered if anyone at the restaurant remembered their grandparents.

A flood of memories took over, and I began to tell a few stories in very short time, beginning with my first memories of Mr, Parker as Quay County Superintendent of Schools as he sat in his off ice in the courthouse and was so kind to a little girl who wanted to try to learn. He later became a favorite teacher and tried to teach me Spanish at THS.

Mrs. Parker was also a teacher in Tucumcari as well as in a number of schools throughout Quay County as she moved from place to place with her husband.

She was much loved by those of us who knew her as was their son, Harold, a 1951 graduate of THS.

Before those once total strangers left, they had learned that their family had been highly respected by a number of people in Quay County and that they, themselves, would always be welcome by friends who still remember much of our history.

Just as I was beginning to digest that experience, I looked up to see Miss Fern Hass and her niece, Sandra Beevers Bates approaching the table. Another flood of memories began as we greeted each other.

Fern had taught here and in a number of schools in New Mexico after having graduated from Forrest High School. We have known each other since her teaching days here when I was a soda jerk at the Elk Drug Store.

Of course, Sandra stands out as another of those students who helped me to begin my teaching career at Forrest. The three of us had a great time exchanging memories and just being comfortable in each other’s presence.

Fern did report the death of a former teacher, Sammy Norwood, who was quite active in the schools when she was.

We were both remembering those long ago days and even the more recent ones when we were both watching Sandra grow into a successful young woman.

We covered a lot of history in a short time and enjoyed friendship as only those of us who love and respect each other can.

Life in our home county is never dull and provides special experiences almost every day if we happen to be in just the right place at the right time. Let’s just enjoy each day and each friend we meet.