Comments from the Canyons: Remembering heritage important

By Lynn Moncus: Quay columnist

Most of us who are sons and daughters of the pioneers who helped to settle the Southwest remain proud of the traditions they established.

Often when we are discussing the pioneers, people have the notion we are talking about the settlers who came into our area after the Homestead Act permitted ownership of small portions of land.

Actually, many of us refer to the Native Americans who hunted in this land first and who settled along the rivers to establish their living quarters. We are also referring to the Spanish people who landed in our Southwest to begin another form of settlements and who started many of our lasting traditions, particularly those having to do with a different form of government and a different culture. Much was being accomplished in the Southwest long before much was happening on the East Coast.

After the War for Independence and the establishment of the early colonies, another culture and governing body came into being, giving us a remarkable Constitution and the beginnings of a democratic government. After numerous struggles, upheavals, and wars, we began to settle into becoming The United States of America and to combine the many traditions of all types of settlers and cultures, helping us to become a part of all we see.

We may not always agree with each other, but we have that privilege as well as the privilege to speak freely. We sometimes