Tucumcari librarian retiring

By Thomas Garcia: QCS staff writer

After more than a decade of serving community readers, Mary Ann Molinas has resigned as director of the Tucumcari Public Library.

“I am going to miss it. I cannot imagine my life without it,” Molinas said. “I will probably wake up in the morning and still drive here for work.”
Molinas said her family faces some medical issues and she is retiring to spend more time with them.

“My family and husband need me,” Molinas said. “I will still live in Tucumcari.”
Former Library Director Clara Rey said she knows how it feels to have to leave the library and all the people Mary Ann has come to know.

“Since Mary Ann is from Tucumcari she knows many of the people that go into the library,” Rey said. “They are used to seeing her there and she is used to being there for them. It is going to be tough.”
Molinas said her career began as a library aid, working for Rey. She said when she started she had no idea she would one day run the library.

“Mary Ann has always been a hard worker,” said Rey, the library’s director from 1981 to 2002. “She has always gone the extra mile to make sure that someone got the information or book that they were looking for.”

Molinas became the library director in 2002 following Rey’s resignation to work as administrative assistant at City Hall.

Directors spend a lot of time in the back office doing paper work, Molinas said. She said she would much rather spend her time out front helping people.

“There is always too much paperwork,” Molinas said with a laugh.
Molinas said ever-changing technology at the library has helped make information and knowledge easily available.

“When I first started we were still on dial-up Internet,” Molinas said. “Now we share a T1 line with the city offices.”
One current project for library workers is computerizing books so patrons can find them without digging through the card catalog.

“They will be able to tell someone right away if a book is available or checked out,” Molinas said.
Molinas said she is looking forward to spending more time reading.

“I know it sounds bad but working at the library I had very little time to read,” Molinas said. “Many times someone would ask me if a certain book was good and all I could say was ‘let me know if it is.’”

Assistant Director Dainetta Croeker said it will take some time before getting used to the idea Molinas no longer works at the library.

“She is usually the first one here every morning,” Croeker said. “It is going to be different not having her here in the office with us.”a