County commission lifts burn ban

Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

After the weekend rains the county-wide fire ban was lifted on Monday by the Quay County Commissioners.

Quay County Fire Marshall Donald Adams asked the commissioners to consider lifting the ban following the weekend rains.

“There are areas of the county that received a good amount of rain,” Adams said. “We are in a lot better condition then what we were in two weeks ago when the ban was extended.”

Several area farmers have contact the commissioners wanting to hold controlled burns to prepare fields for planting.

“I think it is OK to lift the burn ban,” said Franklin McCasland, commission chair. “I do not think we will have any problems if farmers are careful and observe the wind.”

There should be no problem if the public follows protocol and notifies central dispatch before any controlled burning and after the burning is completed, said Bill Curry, commissioner.

The ban was placed in effect indefinitely on June 8 by the commissioners. It was reviewed on July 13, and the commissioners kept the ban in place.

The commission reviewed the New Mexico Association of County’s proposed legislative resolutions.

The resolutions will be reviewed and voted at a meeting on Aug. 13 at Espanola, said Janie Murray, Quay County representative.

Murray said there are nine resolutions that will be reviewed by the Association.

The two supported by the Quay County Commissioners were:

• An Increase to the Public Employees Retirement account (PRA) monthly benefits for volunteer fire fighters.

• Requiring candidates running for County Sheriff, be certified through the State of New Mexico as a law enforcement officer in good standings and a resident of the county from which they are elected.

Other items before the commission included:

• Approval of the Quay County DWI quarterly report.

• Approval of an agreement between Quay County and Eddy County for the housing of juveniles.