Reunion ending, but thoughts already turn to next year

By Lynn Moncus: Local columnist

By the time this appears in the newspaper, Rattler Reunion will be nearing its conclusion for one more year, and we will all be getting ready to attend the banquet to spend our last few hours together.

As I mentioned last week, being a Rattler and also a teacher of Rattlers means more than most people realize. Each year, as I write about Rattler Reunion, I must always refer to the Class of 1952 as the most outstanding class of all because we were a great group who graduated that year.

Now, I am forced to recognize another class as being very important: the Class of 1959. They have become Golden Rattlers this year and have made me feel my age as well as feel my pride in having been privileged to play a small role in their lives as one of their English teachers.

Before proceeding, I’d also like to recognize a special Golden Rattler and teacher from the Class of 1929: Sue Wallace Tucek. She taught home economics at THS for 27 years and was one of the most highly respected teachers in our history.

Although a lot of us didn’t have her as a teacher, we were privileged to work with her at various concession stands and in other activities. She knew each of us as she wandered through the halls, and also knew where we should be in case we had forgotten to head in the right direction when the bell rang.

Those of us who live here are privileged to greet her several times a year when we see each other around town. We’d like to recognize her as our Senior Golden Rattler! Congratulations, Mrs. Tucek!

By the time this is published, my personality will have been split more than usual because I plan to spend much time with my own classmates as a Rattler and with the new Golden Rattlers as a teacher. Of course, visiting with people from all the other classes present will also require much time.

Each person brings back many memories, and all of us enjoy laughing at some of our actions of the past. We also become serious as we recall some of the sadder times, but we try to change the subject back to those cheerful times in order to leave each other with pleasant thoughts and good memories.

As this reunion draws to a close, we certainly want to thank the host class of 1979 for all they have done to provide us with another collection of wonderful memories. We also want to thank the board for all the work they do each year in order to see that each event proceeds without let or hindrance.

We are all very aware of how much work goes into having Rattler Reunion each year, and we need to let everyone involved know just how much we appreciate their efforts.

As we prepare to leave, let us hope we will all have another chance to be together again next year. Yes, we know people change, but such change need not break the continuity that has held us together for so many years.

As we visit with people from the Class of 1929 to the Class of 2009, we are much aware of just how important THS remains to all of us.

Hail to the Rattlers!