Three questions with …

Ellen White

She’s a member of the 1979 host class for the 39th annual Rattler Reunion held last weekend.

What was your most enjoyable conversation this year?

They were all enjoyable. I saw so many friends that I had not seen in many years. Some of my friends I had not seen since middle school. Having a chance to catch up with them was very special to me.

Which parade entry will you remember?

The class of 1979. My son-in-law Patrick was squirting us with water from the street. We had a tank of water on our float so it was a water battle in the middle of Tucumcari Boulevard. The float started to move and my husband Ben did not realize that and jumped off and fell in the middle of the street. That was pretty memorable.

Were your expectations met this year?

They were far exceeded. So many good times and seeing old friends really takes a lot out of you. I will need a long rest to recover and I am kind of glad that I am back to work.

— Compiled by Staff Writer Thomas Garcia