3 questions with … Bobbye Rose

QCS staff

Rose is Tucumcari’s city manager.

1. Have you adjusted to business as usual since you began as Tucumcari’s city manager?

I have found there is no business as usual. Every day is filled with unique problems, concerns, interesting people, and projects. It has been a learning experience for me, but one that I have enjoyed.

2. What new projects or goals are you looking forward to this year?

To ensure we are providing an open and transparent government that provides equal treatment and opportunities for all its citizens. I want people to feel safe to come to City Hall, ask questions, complain, inspect records, and know they will be treated with respect. The public is entitled to this information. We should be encouraging people to attend any public meetings and get involved in the community.

(Also), to provide safe, decent and affordable services for the community. We are looking at ways to be more efficient in our services. With proper planning, we will be able to maintain and/or replace our facilities as needed. Tucumcari has been extremely blessed with grants in the past but at some point, we need to strive to take care of local needs with local dollars.

(And to ) clean up our city. The most common complaint I hear is that we need to clean up the city and have some community pride. Tucumcari was once a blue-ribbon city. I would encourage land owners to voluntarily clean up their properties and make our city a place to be proud of. This is also extremely important to future economic development opportunities.

3. What is one of the most interesting aspects of your job?

Meeting the public. What a great job when you are actually paid to visit. Tucumcari has outstanding people who have gone out of their way to welcome me. A successful manager has to know the community and staff and truly listen to their needs.

I strive to return my calls and follow up on visits promptly. I want people to know that we are concerned about your needs and we are following up. We certainly cannot please everyone, but I want to change the idea that it is useless to complain because “nothing ever happens.” Your voices are being heard and changes are being made.