3 questions with …

Doug Powers

He is Tucumcari’s community development director.

1. What is your No. 1 priority as community development director?

The No. 1 priority over the past several years has been the continuing improvement of Tucumcari’s infrastructure.

I have always felt that the No. 1 function for any city is the provision of basic services such as water, sewer, streets and sanitation for its citizens.

The development, funding, construction and completion of these infrastructure projects is a never-ending job, but I feel we are really seeing many improvements in our city.

2. Does your work require a lot of travel time?

Traveling to two or three different cities in a week’s time in the past has not been an uncommon event. The location of Tucumcari and the requirements of my position have made travel a necessity.

I do have an excellent staff that has really helped and been able to cut a lot of my travel time.

3. How does having a deadline add to the stress of a project?

Deadlines and stress are a daily event when you have as many ongoing projects as the city of Tucumcari. I have also worked to develop a team effort not only within our office but with the other departments and employees of the city, city manager and the City Commission and the citizens of Tucumcari.

When you see a project come together and the improvements to a neighborhood in our community, it makes it all worthwhile.