Couple opens sandwich franchise in Logan

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

LOGAN — Around 100 Quay County residents attended Tuesday’s pre-grand opening of the new Subway eatery in Logan.

The crowd enjoyed free Subway meals with a special invitation from owners Jean and Diane Morency.

“This is a test run before our grand opening on Wednesday,” Diane Morency said. “The layout of this store is a lot different then the one in Tucumcari. We wanted the employees to get the feel of the restaurant.”

Morency said usually she and her husband purchase a Subway that is already built. She said this is her first time building and opening a new store.

“Before it was take over the business and place your money in the safe and go,” Diane said with a laugh. “This go around we had to have everything built and the store put together.”

Their first day of operations seemed to go well as many Logan residents filed in to get a taste of Subway.

“I think it is great,” said Bob Gore, Logan’s chief of police. “I have been ready for this place to open since the start of summer.”

“We open on Wednesday full time,” Morency said. “The only setback is not having our big Subway sign out front. I’m sure people will hear about us and word will spread that we are open.”