Comments from the canyon: Therapy possible after most recent ‘computer age’ experience

By Lynn Moncus: QCS columnist

Life on this corner is never dull, but it is sometimes more frustrating than this woman from Ima can tolerate.

Living in the “computer age” is a remarkable experience, one that is indescribable by those of us who were born in another era.

Yes, I have been playing with computers for several years, thanks to my mentor, Harold Nichless.

He introduced me to the joys of writing or “processing” on a laptop computer and the thrill of using digital cameras so I could illustrate my letters.

For a few minutes, I was really grateful to him for dragging me into this age, and then I began to call him by different names as problems arose.

Despite those problems, however, I have come to rely on my computer and its related gadgets at all times.

As a player with words, I have spent many happy hours writing all sorts of things on these unfathomable gadgets and have become far too dependent upon them.

Thus, I am now in limbo because I am out of business except in the use of the computer itself. The printer just up and quit!

Replacing it seemed the thing to do until I tried that, only to learn that the kind of computer I use is no longer compatible with the kind of printer I want, or any other printer that I can find.

Because I am not yet on the Internet, I called the company from which I have purchased all my computers and accouterments to ask them to send a catalog because I hadn’t received one lately.

I placed the first call two weeks ago and was assured that a catalog would be sent. I placed the second call last week and was dumbfounded by the conversation that followed.

When I asked about the catalog and when I might expect it, he said he was reasonably sure I would receive one in the next two or three weeks.

That caused me to pause briefly as I thought we could rely on some kind of speed were we interested in buying rather expensive products.

The young man had told me he was going to become a psychiatrist and would finish his degree within the year. That gave me an opportunity to ask if he would like to practice just a little before he finished as one of us was in need of much therapy. He seemed stymied as to being able to offer any suggestions but did say I should call him back in two weeks if the catalog hadn’t arrived.

Trying to buy a computer in the “computer age” is a real experience. Being just stubborn enough to want this particular brand limits the options of trading at home, but I prefer to remain in the minority in this area and to try to continue to use the computer of choice in other areas.

I just hope I can last until that young salesman becomes a psychiatrist so I can get some help.

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 461-1952.