Ranchers dangerous when cornered

By Baxter Black: On the edge of common sense

How do you put your mind around oppression for the common good and eminent domain? The explanation most times is “follow the money.”

I lived in Colorado for many years. I have watched it grow from 2.9 million people to 5.1 million people, most of it on the suburban front range. Colorado has unparalleled beauty, an eco-sensitive majority and an under-the-radar abundant productive agricultural industry.

The clash between country vs. city grows with each new tourist who comes to visit and stays. What used to be a principled debate between “conservationists” and ranchers and farmers has become a crass, closed-door battle between The Government-Conservation-Realtor-Construction Complex and isolated bands of native defenders of private property rights.

To wit, southeastern Colorado ranching communities vow to allow “Not one more acre!” to be condemned, co-opted, coerced, seized or bamboozled by the government to expand Fort Carson Military base’s Pi