Commission will discuss Taser shooting case

QCS staff

Three executive sessions have been scheduled for Thursday’s City Commission meeting at City Hall.

One of the sessions pertains to threatened or pending litigation against the city and includes discussion about Kailee Martinez, the Tucumcari teenager shot with a taser by Police Chief Roger Hatcher this summer.

The agenda was not clear as to whether Martinez has actually sued the city or has only threatened litigation. Neither city officials nor Martinez’s attorney returned phone calls Tuesday seeking additional information.

The second executive session is for the discussion of the purchase, acquisition or disposal of real property or water rights by the public body; specifically the city of Tucumcari’s Ute Lake water allocation. Commissioners will discuss the proposed sale of 500 acre feet of water to the Ute Lake Ranch Public Improvement District 2 for $75,000.

The final session is a six month performance evaluation and review of City Manager Bobbye Rose.

Other items before the commission include

• Approval of $58,646 in New Mexico Department of Transportation Co-Op funds for street improvements on Second and Third Street.

• Loan agreement of $100,000 with the New Mexico Environment Department for phase III of the wastewater treatment plant.

• Sands Dorsey update