With age, seasons have different meaning

By Lynn Moncus: QCS columnist

As the seasons change, we hear many comments about which is the favorite season and which is not.

For some reason, most people with whom I spend a little time seem to prefer fall and go to great lengths to describe it.

They usually begin by coming to the coffee table to report they smelled fall in the air this morning. Others report they felt fall coming. As a young person, I used to wonder what they were talking about as I couldn’t tell when a season was about to change and didn’t really care unless someone mentioned that summer was here.

I have decided this sense of seasonal changes is just one more sign of the aging process.

For some years, I have also been able to sense the coming of fall without even looking at the calendar or thinking about any of the usual signs. Suddenly, I smell it and feel it all around.

I can’t begin to describe what I mean by the latter statements any more than my parents could when I would ask what they meant by them. I just know change is in the air.

While so many of my friends prefer this season, I am now waiting for spring because I much prefer to see nature coming to life. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the beauty of the autumnal months because I surely do enjoy seeing the colors change. The yellows and few reds we see are striking and cause us to pause to admire them, but I still prefer seeing the coming of the green and new life.

Some of my young friends have pointed out that those of us in the over-the-hill gang may say we like fall, but we tend to complain more than ever about our aches and pains. They may have a point as some of us do notice more pains during cool and cold weather than we do during the spring and summer months.

At this point, I am not among the former because I am fortunate enough not to have much pain. I just have preferences of seasons.

Dad used to talk much about fall because he knew it annoyed me, particularly after I entered college. He knew I didn’t really want to leave home for another year of being homesick and would tease me into laughing at my own weaknesses. He knew what he was doing because he always suffered just as much as I when we were away from home for any length of time.

No matter what the season, those of us who call this place home know we are surrounded by beauty. Let’s just enjoy autumn and prepare to go into the winter months.

Spring will return!