Three Question with C.J. Aragon

Freedom New Mexico

C.J. Aragon

He’s the rodeo coach at Mesalands Community College:

1. What are you thoughts on the team after the season’s home opener?
We have a great group of kids. There is a lot of talent out in that arena. This is the best team I have had at Mesalands. They have set the standard with what they have done.

2. How did the Tucumcari High School’s homecoming impact attendance at your home rodeo the same weekend?
Our dates were locked in long ago and we (had) no way of changing them. We knew that Friday’s turnout was going to be light because of homecoming. We drew in a decent crowd. Saturday night’s attendance was great. We had a lot of local supporters come out and cheer for the team.

3. So how did the team respond to the home venue and support?
It was nice to see the kids step up. There is a lot of pressure when you get out into the middle of that arena. They excelled under pressure and proved that they can handle the situation.