Don’t need to be a genius to see discipline was right

By Lynn Moncus

No doubt, many of you read or heard that spanking children lowers their I.Q. several points. That bit of information caused this woman from Ima to pause and wonder just how such a conclusion came about.

Of course, I have always known I was a little slow at times, but it never occurred to me that Mother had lowered my I.Q. by trying to discipline me and by insisting that she wanted to keep me from going to jail in my later life. I’d really like to be able to discuss this ridiculous notion with her, but I have a fairly good idea that she would not listen to such foolishness and would like to apply her hand to the person who came up with that statement.

Most of us in my generation and in the preceding ones managed to push our parents to the breaking point and to be punished by the correct application of their hands. No, we were not beaten: We were spanked.

In my case, I earned every spanking I received and then some, but I never let Mother know I felt that way. In fact, I developed my lungs so I could make a lot of noise with each application of her right hand. Anyone within hearing distance always knew when I was being disciplined, but that didn’t bother Mother one little bit. She felt she needed to do her duty as a parent, and she was very good at carrying out that duty!

After visiting with many of my friends about this subject, I learned that two only had reasons to be more intelligent than I because they had avoided those spankings. I was also interested to learn that a number of my younger friends had received plenty of attention during their childhood and did not seem to be ashamed of having been disciplined when such actions were indicated.

Mother told me in later years that she usually had to spank me three times for whatever I was doing wrong. She indicated that I was more than a little stubborn and also had a bit of an independent streak in me. She said she realized early on that she was going to have to change her methods of getting my attention and concluded that talking to me would work better.

She found that I did not like to sit still for more than a few seconds, and that I surely didn’t like to have to look her in the eye while she talked. In fact, I would beg for a spanking so I could go on about my business. Those talks did the trick, however, because I didn’t want to have to suffer through more than one for any bit of misconduct.

At least, I now have an excuse for being less than a genius.