Yep. Mom really does know best

By Chris Schmaedeke, QCS managing editor

I have always been told all things happen for a reason.

But when I lost my job at the Rocky Mountain News, I thought there was nothing good to come out of this situation. Sure I was at the bottom of the totem poll of presentation editors and was stuck where I was at and probably had no chance of advancement. I still liked working there and didn’t want to stop.

Seven months passed and now I am realizing why that happened.

Enter Tucumcari and the Quay County Sun.

Did I ever think after losing my job I would become a managing editor of a paper? Of course not. I thought I was going to have to go to some job I hate and not do what I love to do. That love is to be involved in the newspaper business.

Once again enter Tucumcari and the Quay County Sun.

When I came to Tucumcari I had no idea what to expect. What kind of town and newspaper was here? I really had no clue but all I know is I wanted the chance to find out.

On my interview/visit here in late August I got a chance to see what everything was about and I knew that I wanted a chance to be a part of it. A local community paper that the town still cared about. A paper that people still wanted to read. I loved that thought and a lot of papers out there don’t have that feel anymore.

And my future wife loved the atmosphere. That was a huge plus.

Coming from mostly a sports background I was a little worried about the fact I was going to be covering everything in the town, but I would take it head on. I knew how to write a story no matter what it was. I knew how to edit a story and design a paper. I knew how to work at a newspaper.

After going back to Denver, I realized I was ready for this. To take over as managing editor and call some of the shots. Not all of them of course but still call some of them.

And now I am here, the managing editor of the Quay County Sun, and ready to tackle whatever challenges are ahead. I have been to a football game at Rattler Stadium, I have been to a school board meeting, I have been to a City Commission meeting, I have moved into a house and I have been meeting people left and right.

I dove in head first and expect the unexpected now. Would I have ever applied for this job if I had not lost my job at the Rocky? It’s hard to tell but now I could not be happier with what has come of it.

I welcome Tucumcari and the Quay County Sun into my life and I hope they invite me into theirs. And they already have. I have started to feel like a part of the town in just the two weeks I have been here.

I guess my mom was always right for telling me that all things happen for a reason.

Of course I will never tell her that.