Visco shows Rattlers joy of running

By Thomas Garcia: QCS staff writer

Members of the Tucumcari Rattlers cross country team added four miles to their weekend total by joining a woman who is running from Boston to San Diego.

The Rattlers were in good spirits Sunday morning as they gathered to meet and run with 24-year-old Katie Visco, eight miles northeast of Tucumcari on U.S. 54.

Visco said she is on a mission to inspire others to follow their life passion. “We are out here to honor what Katie is doing,” said Rattlers senior Casey Romero. “She is doing what a cross country runner does. This was not mandatory. We are out here on our own.”

Visco, a Boston native, started the 3,044 mile journey on March 29 when she departed from Boston. She plans on running about 100 miles per week and ending the run in San Diego in December.

“The purpose of the run is to reach out to all people to find and follow their passions,” Visco said. “To me this is the kind of message that is needed in our society.”

Visco is founder of the “Pave Your Lane” campaign, designed to empower people to find their passion, create a plan to embrace it and “run” toward it, she said.

“For me my passion is running and helping people,” Visco said. “This is my example for people to see.”

The Rattlers and Visco ran four miles into Tucumcari. Much like Visco, the Rattlers had already logged some mileage over the weekend.

They competed in a 3.1-mile run on Saturday at the East Mountain Invitational at Sandia Park.

“We wanted to come out and support Katie in what she is doing,” said Rattlers junior Kennetha Perkins.