Mesalands program’s future uncertain

wMeeting discusses state budget cuts

By Thomas Garcia

Quay County Sun

Mesalands Community College’s board of trustees on Tuesday discussed the future of the dual enrollment program with possible budget cuts from the state on the horizon.

Dean of Student Services David Gallatin briefed the trustees about the uncertain future of the program.

Gallatin reviewed the Legislative Education Study Committee report on statewide dual credit program.

“The biggest problem for a program like this is Santa Fe is looking to cut money,” Gallatin said. “They are looking into every agency they are funding.”

Area high school students are able to enroll in Mesalands courses through the dual enrollment program and get a jump start on college, said trustee Jim Streetman.

“A lot of students can leave high school well on their way to an associate degree,” Streetman said. “I would hate to have to think about cutting a program like this.”

The formulas developed by the state are constantly being re-evaluated and the funding to reimburse the college for the dual enrollment program might not be there, Gallatin said.

“Continuing the dual enrollment program is the right thing to do for the students,” said Mesalands President Phillip O. Barry.

Gallatin said through the dual enrollment program some students that thought college was not for them are able to build confidence.

“Once they are in they enroll in the program and have some success they change their view about college,” Gallatin said. “It is a really great program that helps to open the doors for many students that did not consider college after graduation.”

Also, trustees:

• Reviewed flu guidelines for the college staff and students.

• Discussed the Wind Energy Research and Development Act of 2009 and the Community College Energy Training Act of 2009.

• Discussed and viewed the North American Wind Research and Training Center Wind Turbine Video.