Ancient ways not always so far fetched

by Leonard Lauriault

I have a pig-shaped cookie jar in which I keep animal cookies to snack on while I fix supper (I usually keep several choices of snacky things around my counter for that purpose). One day while making soup, I got a handful of cookies and started whistling – you guessed it – “Animal Crackers in My Soup.”

Now, I like Shirley Temple. I like soup. And I even like the song, but I’ve always thought she was a little strange for putting animal crackers in her soup because the animal cookies we get today aren’t really crackers as we know them. Still, I started wondering how animal cookies in my soup would taste. I’ve always been willing to try most anything once and so I decided that one animal cookie in my soup wouldn’t ruin it, especially if I didn’t let the cookie completely fall apart.

You know what, animal cookies in my vegetable soup isn’t bad at all! Maybe that ancient curly topped orphan’s mother wasn’t so far off the wall. I’m glad I gave it a try.

The words of the song betray the fact that Curly Top’s mother used the simple meal of alphabet pasta and animal crackers in her soup to teach her child some basics of life allowing her to enjoy the menagerie of humanity.

Many ancient ways aren’t at all off the wall. In fact in Jeremiah 6: 16, God says we should ask for the ancient ways so we can practice them and find rest. He also tells us to use every opportunity of time and circumstance to teach our children his ancient way.

God’s ancient way also is contemporary because God doesn’t change (Hebrews 13: 8; 1 Peter 1: 22-25). Consequently, we should teach our children about God as we sit in our home watching wholesome television, as we ride in our car passing through the wonders of his creation or viewing the menagerie of humanity (aren’t people fun to watch – sometimes?), when we lay us down to sleep asking the Lord our soul to keep, and by rejoicing in each new day the Lord as made just for us (Deuteronomy 6: 4-9; Psalm 118: 24).

In the last few decades, our country has gone through many changes, some of which haven’t been positive. To stem the tide of negativity and keep our country from falling apart altogether, we must get back to the ancient ways – the ways of our forefathers who intended that this country would be build and sustained on Christian principles – God’s ancient path (Ephesians 1: 3-10). This also will likely put us back onto the path of prosperity many of us enjoyed before the country began turning away from God’s path (Jeremiah 29: 11-14; Deuteronomy 11: 13-15; 2 Chronicles 7: 12-15). At least it’s worth a try since all else seems to be failing.

Let’s keep in mind though that all change isn’t bad – just the ones that lead us away from God. Maybe I’ll try some of those goldfish crackers the next time I make potato soup. I already know that cheese is good in it (Romans 14: 17).

Leonard Lauriault is a member of the Church of Christ in Logan. Contact him at: lmlaur@