NMSU reunion brings back pride of being an Aggie

A trip to New Mexico State University to attend Homecoming was quite an event for this woman from lma.As I wandered around on campus one afternoon, I realized one more time how far over-the-hill I am. While looking at those young people, I really felt my age because I was aware that most of them had no idea for whom the various buildings had been named; whereas, I had been privileged to know most of those outstanding people.

During that rather long walk, I saw one person whom I knew, which also let me know I had become a stranger in a strange land. That was no real surprise because most of the people with whom I taught are no longer on campus either, and the likelihood of seeing any former students was just about zip.
One young woman was kind enough to give an aging Aggie directions to one of the buildings I had lost while wandering around among a bunch of new structures.

As you may guess, the highlight of the weekend was the Golden Aggie luncheon at which graduates from 50-plus years ago gathered to exchange stories from the past. Having graduated from New Mexico A & MA 54 years ago certainly made me eligible to attend. We talked much about the past and especially about having been privileged to graduate from that college before it became New Mexico State University.

Of course, Debbie Widger, major alumni coordinator, was in charge of the luncheon and kept that time lively and warm as she always does. She is a young Aggie who is very kind to her elders and who even enjoys being around such an aging gang.

Just watching her meet and greet each person is a rare privilege. Many told her how glad they were to see her back in charge of our activities. Just seeing the love between that young leader and the Golden Aggies is always a pleasure. She has the skill of making each of us feel special and the knowledge of our history to be able to join in all conversations. She is a most gracious hostess and performs her duties with ease, thus putting all of us at ease and giving us an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company.

Perhaps because ours is a land grant university, most of us who began our lives on the land feel that we are a part of the university as well as part owner. We just naturally feel close to the past there and also feel privileged to have graduated from such a special place, which had such an outstanding faculty. Yes, we are proud to be Aggies!

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 575-461-1952.