Letter to the editor: Animal cruelty case handled well

Animal Protection of New Mexico appreciates the legal process undertaken to see that Haba, the dog that lives at Tucumcari Mayor Antonio Apodaca’s home, was represented in court following an allegation of animal cruelty that occurred on April 19.

The mayor was found innocent of the charge.

APNM wishes to express admiration for, and gratitude to, the Tucumcari police officer who took seriously his obligations to protect the most vulnerable in his community. Doing the right thing sometimes calls for courage above and beyond the call of duty.

We commend all the eyewitnesses who spoke up to law enforcement when they saw an animal in trouble.

Haba still lives with the mayor. Because dogs are highly social animals, animal advocates like myself hope that Haba will someday get to be a regular inside of the mayor’s car.

The evidence and testimony in the mayor’s magistrate court case on Oct. 21 took up the full day, yet merited the hours of everyone’s time on behalf of a young animal that cannot speak for itself.

We thank the Quay County court system for seeing this case through to a resolution, and wish Haba the very best.

Monica Garc