County unable to approve RV hook-ups

By Thomas Garcia: QCS staff writer

With the recent freezing of state funding Quay County Commissioners could not approve installing electrical hook-ups for RV’s at the Quay County Fair Grounds.

Carol Simpson and other members of the Eastern New Mexico Bluegrass Association approached the Commissioners on Monday to install the hook-ups to draw in tourist money.

The 33 proposed pedestals will provide electricity for 66 Rv’s but will cost $18,000 to install.

“We know there would have been more people stay for our Bluegrass Festival if there had been electrical hook-ups at the fair grounds,” Simpson said.

Simpson said during the inaugural Bluegrass Festival, which was held on May 23, the group raised $141 dollars.

“That is great considering people usually lose money hosting these events,” Simpson said.

Commission Bill Curry told the group that the commission has no problem with bluegrass music and that he himself is a bluegrass fan. However, he said at this time it is simply a matter of money.

Curry said if there was a way to share the cost the commission would consider the instalment.

“There should be some shared cost,” Curry said. “We need to work out more details on this matter before we make any kind of decision.”