Hard to stay current with gadgets

By Lynn Moncus

Trying to keep up with almost anything in this computer age is impossible for some of us who should have been born at least a couple of centuries ago. No matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to understand how to use the various gadgets. In fact, many of us cannot begin to understand what we are reading when we are looking at the directions. For a person who knows only a little about her mother tongue, the technical language used to explain the use of these gadgets is meaningless.

As you may have gathered, all gadgets on this corner attacked at the same time and had to be replaced. Despite replacing each with the same brand, the many changes that have occurred since the last purchases are too numerous to mention. The directions are just as hard to follow as the first ones I received, and the patience has grown even more scarce as the years have passed.

While playing with the various programs in the computer, I found I was suddenly staring at self. Good grief! Did I know this had a camera? At least, I decided why nothing was cooperating. If I had to look at that face all the time, I would refuse to cooperate also. Trying to learn how to print photographs without having to lose the remaining temper has been most trying. At long last, I can print some the way I want them to appear and am hoping to improve as the years pass–at least before a new computer enters the room.

The printer caused more trouble than it was worth and is now being replaced so we can get on with our work. Well, I knew it wouldn’t be very effective because it came with the computer at no cost. We usually get what we pay for and can count on lack of quality at times even if the item is the same brand as the previous one.

Just as a few things could be done to help with the various writing projects. The camera I use for all occasions simply quit working. That was almost too much to tolerate. To keep me from losing the little that was left of the mind, Yvette Peacock ordered one for me and had it delivered post haste. She could see that serious problems were under way and decided to be her usual helpful self. Now, if she can teach me how to use it, I might be able to avoid total disaster.

I took that little dear on our Sunday drive and found out that I hadn’t a clue as to how to operate it. Of course, it is also the brand I have used all my life, but it doesn’t operate like that Brownie Box camera I learned to use so long ago. It has a mind of its own, and our minds are certainly not on the same track.

We can but hope that a light will come on and help this woman from the canyons to learn to cope with these gadgets. At the moment, I really need to take a nap on one of those large sand rocks down on the bench below the house!

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted at 575-461-1952.