Meet your neighbors

Georgia Lujan

Profession: Deputy clerk

Age: 39

Family: Anthony Lujan, spouse, 41, Nadia-Ranae, child, 8

Perfect day: My perfect day is a cloudy day watching movies with my family.

Pets: We have three cats: Eez or Pretty Boy(is what I call him), Dutch Boy and Squecky. We also have six hens, two roosters and Corky the goat.

What would you like on your gravestone: “Is anybody there?”

Who’s invited to your fantasy dinner party: Meatloaf, Freddy Mercury of Queen, Tim McGraw, Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn.

Favorite TV shows: My favorite TV show (present) is all “CSI” and the past was “Friends.”

Favorite entertainers: All who are at my fantasy dinner party.

What did you think you’d be doing as an adult: I thought I would be a lawyer or a truck driver.

What is your greatest accomplishment: My greatest accomplishment is my daughter Nadia-Ranae.