With moving comes hassles

By Chris Schmaedeke, QCS managing editor

On TV’s animated series “Family Guy,” main character Peter Griffin uses a phrase that I felt was perfect for this column.

“You know what really grinds my gears…”


I have lived here in Tucumcari almost two months now, but never really “moved” because my other half still lived in Colorado at our apartment with most of our things. Now our wedding and honeymoon are over and our life together is to begin in Tucumcari. But dealing with the actual moving fiasco has been driving me insane.

It all started back in Colorado. Trying to get a hold of the movers was the first step in this struggle. If you want me to pay the amount of money you want from me then maybe you should call me back and let me know when you are going to show up.

Once I actually figured out when the movers were showing up, another problem occurred.

Colorado had gotten over two feet of snow and there were huge snow drifts or banks in my old apartment’s parking lot. I received a call saying it will cost extra money because the truck could not get close enough to the apartment. I didn’t really understand so I went outside to see what they were talking about.

There were snow banks in the parking lot but none by my apartment that would block the truck. So after a lot of staring at snow banks, the movers decided to take the truck out of the parking lot and come in at a different angle. This worked for them and finally the loading of the truck was to begin.

There was also a question of the parking lot being to tight for their big moving truck, which I didn’t understand since they actually sent someone out to estimate our move and saw that I lived in an apartment.

The loading of the truck really had no problems. It was a surprise.

The worst part of all is being at your new home and not having any stuff. You get to wait around for the movers to show up. You get to sleep on the floor or an air mattress, have just a couple changes of clothes, no dishes or anything and just wait for your things.

I have moved numerous times in my life. I have never moved to another state though. I just moved from city to city in Colorado where I was able to borrow some friends and family and their trucks and do it on our own.

Is hiring a moving company easier?

In a lot of ways it really is but all the hassle that comes with it drains you. Either way moving is hard and difficult. Whether you do it yourself or have someone do it for you, you are in for a long haul.

As Peter Griffin would say, “And that is what grinds my gears.”

Chris Schmaedeke is managing editor of the Quay County Sun. Contact him at 461-1952 or email: chris_schmaedeke

@ link.freedom.com