Looking for leaders to stand up

By Thomas Garcia: Quay County Sun

In an effort to reach out to the future city leaders, a local group asked the Tucumcari Public School Board of Education to help locate candidates for their new leadership development courses.

Jim Lafferty approached the school board members Monday night to ask for their support of the leadership courses.

Lafferty is a member of Leadership Tucumcari, a group developed following an economic development survey conducted in June by Nebraska-based Heartland Center for Leadership Development.

The results of that survey were revealed to area residents during a town hall meeting. Malin Wall, founder and director of the Heartland Center, said one of the keys to Tucumcari’s success is leadership development.

“The survey taken by the residents showed that there is a lack of leadership opportunities,” Lafferty said.

Lafferty said the group began to look in to the shortage of leadership opportunities and a way to remedy it. He said one of the set backs is identifying potential leaders.

“We decided to develop a course to show people what it took to be a leader,” Lafferty said. “It is designed to give people the tools they need to understand government.”

Lafferty said their goal is to identify current, potential and emerging leaders of the community through a five course session. He said the group studied other community’s leadership programs to better develop theirs

The group plans to run the course from January through May holding one session a month. The curriculum of these sessions will include leadership skills, social services and government.

Lafferty said a form will be available for individuals or businesses to enroll or nominate a person for the course. He said there will be a tuition cost of $200 for the program.

“Everyone has leadership ability,” Lafferty said. “It is just a matter of showing them that there is nothing scary about being a commissioner or board member. Given the right tools we can help develop them in to a strong local leader.”