Walks are wonderful with warm weather

By Lynn Moncus

As the last leaves are blowing off the trees, those of us who are a bit opposed to cold weather are now awaiting the “coming of the green” and return of warm weather.

Sunday’s cold north wind really got our attention as Aggie and I took our walk in the country. Neither of us was quite ready for that shock as we had been outside earlier in the day and didn’t feel the frost. By mid-afternoon when the wind hit in earnest, we decided to face the elements and wished we had started earlier. Somehow, a cold, north wind just naturally chills the body and makes us appreciate our heavy coats and jackets. We were really glad to return to the car, turn on the heater, and sit in the warmth for a few minutes.

Although Aggie doesn’t write much any more, she wants her fans to know she still appreciates their remarks and that she misses her visits with you. She says to blame the slave for not letting her use the new gadgets. She is sure she could do a better job and could have learned all the tricks by now. She is still the boss and most definitely runs life on this corner on Sundays. Those are her special days because she and I head to the country to walk and to be together without interruption.

She lets me go on about my usual activities on those days until around 2 p.m. and then begins herding me around making sure I don’t forget what we are supposed to do. She gets quite bossy in the event I am detained by a phone call and begins to interrupt all conversation by barking or by using one of her squeaky toys. She knows I’ll get off the phone in order to keep her from creating any more noise. She then sees that I grab my purse, camera, and plenty of water for both of us. Once we leave the house, she decides to become even more playful and pretends she is not going to get into the car without argument. After taxing patience for a few minutes, she leaps into the vehicle and waits for me to put on her leash so she won’t be roaming around while I am driving.

Often, she wants me to hold her paw as we go down the road. She then decides she wants to put her head on my shoulder and settles in for the rest of the drive. In the event the windshield wipers come on, she moves to the passenger door and tries to bury her head between it and the back of the seat. After all, those things are really dangerous, and she doesn’t want to see them.

She really enjoys our walks and gathers as much news a possible along the way. At this time of year, we have to watch closely to be sure we don’t get close to cockle burrs, as those varmints are not good to have in her long hair. Of course, one of us is always on the alert for rattlesnakes, no matter what time of the year. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know about those critters and would probably go right up to speak to a coiled one.

At any rate, Aggie and I will continue our walks if we can stay warm enough. She will ask me to report on her activities now and then and will be eager to keep in touch. Let’s just get through the winter and look forward to spring!

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted at 575-461-1952