Enjoying good laughs despite slowdowns

By Lynn Moncus

As you have discovered, this woman from Ima has a strange sense of humor and is apt to laugh at the most inopportune times.

A couple of weeks ago, for instance, members of the Tucumcari Historical Museum Board gathered to try to clean a space in the basement that had become a total disaster over the years. At first sight, at least one of us wanted to leave the scene because some rather heavy objects needed to be moved.

As we went about our business of talking, laughing, and doing some work, I began to think about that collection of people and wondered just a bit about our intelligence. Obviously, all of us are a little over-the-hill and should have enough sense to pool our change and find some younger people to do the heavier work. Then I began to think about the individuals.

One was just recovering from back surgery and was banned from the basement but was engaged in running the business side of the museum. At least three of us I know of have heart problems and should think before acting some days. Of those three, at least two of us have bad lungs and should have sense enough to stay out of dust.

Just about the time I would catch my breath, one of the more active members would grab the broom and create another dust storm, causing a lot of gasping. Two of the younger ones were concerned about our lifting some of the heavier objects and nearly did themselves in by lifting more than they should have.

After two hours down there, I asked to leave because I was fortunate enough to have a luncheon engagement. Actually I felt just a tad guilty as I drove away but not guilty enough to call to cancel lunch. Since then, I have wondered if some of those people are still in the basement and may go down to check in a few days.

Yes, that little work out was probably good for us even if it did cause a few extra pains and gasps. At least, we know we can still work a little and can ever accomplish something if we set our minds to it. Yes, and the best part of that entire activity was the coffee break accompanied by the cake and good conversations. Life can be fun despite a few disabilities!